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Rosie Temple
Rosie Temple with a Pegasus statue



Rosie is a digital artist and poet who started out as a painter and is also a trained Chinese Medicine Practitioner. She has a joint degree in Literature and Philosophy from Essex (79-81), and has experience as a teacher and a carer, having looked after adults and children with learning disabilities, and also her parents and husband, who all died of serious illnesses. She ran a large network of therapists in Windsor and Ascot, and put on large events and banquets with the purpose of bringing people interested in the arts, music and healing together.

She has an interest in astrology, and has made in depth studies of many of the scriptures with this understanding. She is interested in the local landscape of Glastonbury and its Arthurian legends. Many of her limited edition prints are of Pegasus, and the way he relates to both Aquarius and memory. She also makes digital photos of Mandalas based on sacred geometry. 

Her interests include the study of syncretism; the bringing together of all the world religions. She has worked in large hospitals and Harley Street, with a very wide range of clientele. She has travelled extensively, but not recently owing to serious health issues to do with neurological damage. She has had two spells in hospital due to this untreatable condition which means she gets very little sleep. However, she is able to work mostly on her iPad, which means she can work, often through the night, making pictures lying down which she channels psychically. Many of the mandalas are very funny! She is also a poet and a writer.


'Rosie is a very accomplished artist and I really enjoy her poetry. You can often make a deep connection with her Mandalas. Highly recommended!' - C Spencer, 2017





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