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The Pegasus Collective and Gallery

Pegasus CoOp Gallery 2017
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Who are/what is the Pegasus Collective?

The Pegasus Collective is a new not-for-profit organisation based in and around Glastonbury to promote the Nine Muses of Pegasus. It supports free events and local talent, as well as outside performers. The Collective promote live music, poetry, dance, artwork, healing modalities, organic food at events, multicultural artistic pursuits, etc.

Organic food is promoted as an ethos, not as a business, and there are no business or other links to any particular producers. The Collective take the view that many organic farmers are doing a wonderful, difficult job in the current climate.

There are many participants and no leaders in the Pegasus Collective. If you want to participate, please come along and offer your gifts freely. No prima donnas!

The Collective place an emphasis on learning, education and fun, and on participation rather than focusing solely on performance, although there are also many wonderful, uplifting and freely given performances.


What events have the Pegasus Collective organised? 

The ‘Butleigh Village Arts In The Park Picnic’ was organised by the Pegasus Collective in the summer of 2017 at the Butleigh Playing Field and was very successful! Support was provided by the BPFA and the Butleigh Parish Council, who officially welcomed Emma George, the Mayor of Glastonbury. The Collective are very grateful for the help that they received from the BPFA and everyone who volunteered.

In July 2018, the Collective put on a Charity Art picnic at the Tithe Barn in Pilton, in aid of Many local artists exhibited their fantastic artwork/sculptures. Michael Eavis opened the show and the Avalonian Free State Choir sang. Beki Nagle, the Bard of Glastonbury recited her poem on The Virtues of Humility and Dechen Chodrun performed a sacred dance... it was a very special day!

The Osiligi Maasai Warriors came to Glastonbury in August 2018 and performed in front of many people at various venues, including the Assembly Rooms and the Bocabar. Approximately 1000 people came out to see the tribe on Glastonbury Tor. The Collective helped raise money for the Maasai, promote their cause and introduce people to their culture. To all those who took part in the amazing events, this won’t be the last you see of the Osiligi Warriors in Glastonbury! More info:

In August 2019, the Pegasus Collective were delighted to be invited to curate the Glass House at the Children's World Family Festival at Paddington Farm on the Tor in Glastonbury, UK. The Family Festival is run by in association with the Paddington Farm Trust and is an amazing event with a Big Top and lots of things for children to do. Circus Performance, Morris Dancing, Scrap Store, A Golden Eagle, Clowns... a wonderful mix for all the family!

The Pegasus Collective returned to Paddington Farm again in 2021, to curate the Glass House for Children's World again. You can see the pictures on the events page.

Click here to see the Pegasus Collective Facebook page​

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