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Butleigh Arts In The Park Picnic 2017

This event was a free picnic for locals, family and friends, musicians, artists, poets and helpers.


Michael Eavis opened it, the Mayor and Town Cryer came, Mike Catt made an appearance, and the Butleigh Voices sang in the rain in Mad Hats led by Jane Laver.


Sheikh Ahmad Dede and the Whirling Dervishes came, and Butleigh villagers and visitors whirled in the gentle rain!

Fourteen bands played for free and there was no ticket price. Many local artists set up stalls free of charge and sold their work. There was a Mad Hatters Tea Party, with healthy cakes made and sold by Val and a team of wonderful volunteers including Joyce Brown and her cake making ladies.

The BPFA gave their facilities free of charge and helped with site erection under very difficult circumstances.

The local Glastonbury Bards, especially Lisa Goodwin, did a great job of performing and MCing, again for free. The event was a great platform for local poets and bards. 


There were many other quirky stalls, including virtual reality, robot art amongst others!

Here's a review of the event from Steve Lee at Glastonbury FM:

'To those that were privileged to be at Butleigh's Picnic in the park - I'd say it was a bit special wasn't it? ...To those that organised it - Thank You - in gratitude - you have made a difference, special thanks to all the artists that participated and gave us their talents and all performed magnificently, Rosie, Chris, Cameron and Lisa who manifested into reality a weekend that was one of those moments when you look back and say "I was there!" The Whirling Dervishes are the key to expanding the heart - Thank you Sheikh!'

Click here for images from the event or here for more info about the event on Facebook

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