Maasai Massive 2018

In August 2018, the Pegasus Collective invited the Osiligi Maasai Warriors as a community project to Glastonbury, to perform their tribal song and dance, and raise awareness of their charity. They were put up free of charge in the community and given a wonderful community welcome and farewell at the Assembly Rooms and Bocabar respectively.


They also performed for free at a Unity Picnic on the Tor on a wonderful sunny afternoon, with Shamanic and Dragon Drummers in attendance. Special guest Sheikh Ahmad Dede supported them throughout their stay, and also performed whirling demonstrations with participation from the community.


Please visit the Maasai Warriors' webpage to see the kind of work that they do:

All monies raised in donations and for tickets went to the Osiligi Warriors. No-one else was paid.

The shortfall from ticket sales and donations was picked up by the collective members.

You can support a child in school, or donate on their page.

Their tour, which they do every year all over the country, in Schools, Cathedrals and Community Halls raises awareness for their charity.

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