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The Aquarian Girls

They have Such Fun

Those Aquarian Girls

On Paradise Beach

Or in Twinset and Pearls

They Do Ascot and Henley

They're an Eclectic Bunch

They Hang Out in Sunningdale

With the Ladies Who Lunch

They'll Roll Around

In Glastonbury's Mud

They'll Slum it in Soho

But Never Marry a Dud

They'll Dress Up for Dinner

or Down for a Bash

They'll Smoke Twenty Benson

Or Sometimes Do Hash

They Love Country Walks

And Harvey Nicks

If you Get Into Trouble

They'll Get You a Fix

They Rave it Up

In Notting Hill

And Live it Down

And are Never Still

They'll Chant Hare Krishna

And Om 'til they're Tired

They'll Dance Round a Handbag

To Get Themselves Fired

If They're having a Party

You'll have to be There

There's Lots of Gas

And Lots of Hot Air

Watch your Man

They're Terrible Flirts

They'll Cause Some Strain

Not the Kind that Hurts

They've Lots of Chums

You Can't be The One

They Seem to Know Everyone

Under the Sun

They're Wild and Strong

If they're Ever Ill

They're Unlikely to Swallow

The Doctors Pill

They Love the Opera

Not Mills and Boon

Although they weren't Born

With the Silver Spoon

They're in a Class

All of their Own

Their Accents Glass

But Never a Drone

They Only Shop

At the Very Best Deli

They Never Stay In

Just Watching the Telly

They only Dress

In the Latest Style

If you Took them to Oxfam

They'd Run a Mile

They're Whores in the Bedroom

They're Tarts with a Heart

They Only Collect

Very Avant Guard Art

They're Actresses wih

The Latest Troop

Their Practices

Will Loop the Loop

Their Makeover Suff

To Cover the Cracks

Is not Laminate

But Limed Oak by Fax

They Travel Around

From Scotland to Crete

if you're Shopping in Slough

You're Unlikely to Meet

Their Politics

Aren't Red or Blue

Would you Bite the Hand

That's Feeding You?

Religion's Really

Not their Drug

Their Rapture is More

Blousy Hug

Their Champagne's Vintage

Their Jokes aren't Cheap

They've Excommunicated

Many a Creep

They're Mothers of Angels

And Mothers of Pearls

They're Fabulous Friends

Those Aquarian Girls

There's One called Susie

And One Called Claire

They're a Doozy Floozie

And a Thoroughbred Mare

They Won't Chase Foxes

Or Ride to Hounds

But they'll Defend your Rights

On Holy Grounds

They're not Vegetarian

They'll Eat Game or Fish

Their Jury's Still Out

On the Master's Dish

They'll Happily Swap

A Rose for a Kiss

But the Tower of Babel

For the Bower of Bliss?

(All names are fictitious and any resemblance to any person living or dead is entirely coincidental)


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