The Quenching

I AM a Dragon Cloud

I AM a Mossy Forest Pool

I AM the Dove and Raven

I AM the Prison and the Haven

I AM the Earthly School

I AM Sadness

I AM Happiness

I AM the Goldfish and the Lark

I AM the Whole Nine Yard's

I AM Old Noah's Ark

I AM Alice

I AM Guinevere

I AM the Smile Upon your Lips



I AM Moses and King Tut

I AM Everywhere and Nowhere

I AM Every AND and BUT

I AM the Branch

I AM the Vine

I AM Ash and Oak

And Pine

I AM your Holy Breath

I AM the Water

I AM the Blood and Wine

I AM the Animus Mundi

I AM the Soul that Quakes

I AM the Spirit that Yearns

I AM the Fire that Burns

I AM the Hand that Takes

I AM the Best

I AM the Worst

I AM the Hunger

I AM the Thirst

I AM the Agony

And the Wrenching

BUT for You

Especially for YOU

I AM the Manna

AND the Quenching


© 2020 rosietemple

Glastonbury, Somerset

Tyler Thompson - Forget About It
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